Masters in Hispanic Studies

Cultural Understanding For Working Professionals

This degree program for current and future professionals working with Hispanic communities has been designed to develop a trans cultural understanding of oral and written narratives—skills that make you a more effective communicator and more competitive in today’s job market. If you are proficient in Spanish and have an undergraduate degree in Hispanic Studies or any other field, the Master of Arts in Hispanic Studies will improve your ability to succeed in formal, professional Spanish-speaking environments.

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A Student-Centered Learning Experience

Your career goals are our priority, and our student-centered learning experience is designed to help you realize your potential as a working professional. Online courses beginning in fall 2019 offer even more flexibility for working professionals with demanding schedules.

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Competitive funding opportunities and financial aid are available.

Graduate School Handbook 2021

Are you a prospective student in need of information on entry requirements, degree requirements, how to apply, or financial aid? Or are you a current student looking for instructions on how to register, what courses to take, or how to do a thesis or a Comprehensive Assessment Project? Then download our Graduate Student Handbook, a comprehensive guide for both prospective and current students.

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